Aura Photo

Aura Photo in Sedona

An AURA is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds, encompasses and permeates the body as well as all living things. The colors and patterns within this energy field constitute a blueprint (the results of the energy we radiate from our feelings, thoughts, and physical being). Until recently, Aura’s were only seen by the special few who had a gift to see the rainbow of colors.
The first aura photo was taken by Nicola Tesla in 1891. The USSR expanded on his work through the development of Kirlian photography, and by 1975 UCLA researchers (Thelma Mose and Valerie Hunt ) were measuring the Aura with precise accuracy.

  Through the use of this remarkable technology, we gain a deeper insight into our emotional – mental states, health and spiritual well-being. Thus we are now able to give a more accurate reading of the Aura based on the colors that are photographed. This is all done in our beautiful aura photo room in Sedona.
The color interpretations are universal in meaning. The reader takes the photo and interprets the particles of colors based upon their placement on the photo.

At Sacred Elements of Sedona we offer you a choice of how to obtain your Sedona aura photo. You will receive an accurate aura reading while using the latest technology of digital aura photography through dynamic and interactive multimedia biofeedback imaging technology. Sacred Elements of Sedona Aura Photos will create a personal representation of your bio-energetic state and show you your emotional energy, personality type and overall health wellness. This system assist in providing you with solutions for enhancing your life or raising your consciousness. This system allows us to cater to how much information you are ready to receive. We have packages which includes a photo along with a report as follows:

Basic package

Photo + 1 page report + reading = $35

Full package

Photo +23 page report + reading = $55