• Psychic Readings
  • Intuitive Healings
  • Reiki (Usui & Karuna)
  • IET (Angel Therapy) Healing
  • Sound Healings with a soundtable, tuning forks, singing bowls & Tibetan bells
  • Aura/Chakra Cleanse
  • Angel Therapy IET Certification Classes
  • Reiki Certification Classes


In my search for enlightenment since the age of 13, I have explored many paths of spiritual study that led me to a more evolved level than I ever knew existed. In 2007, I received the inspiration and call from Spirit to share with others my experiences in hopes that it would lead to their own Spiritual freedom.

I enjoy assisting other people along their own unique paths and it is my pleasure to be of service in the healing and spiritual evolution of our ever changing world. My passion is assisting families with children understand & assist their children along their spiritual paths.

I am an ever growing and evolving energy worker, healer, psychic, intuitive, sound healer, teacher, usui & karuna reiki master teacher and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Teacher. I use your Angel Guides to assist me in your psychic reading while using Angel Cards.