Luna Van Atta




Psychic, Medium, Healer



As a teenager, I had spontaneous out-of-body experiences. At that time I began communicating with my guides.  I was 16 years old when I began getting messages from the spirit world.

My first experience of directing energy was in 1975 when my daughter was four years old. She was attacked with an excruciating pain in her head. I used my hands to take the pain away. I went forward to become an energy worker and a teacher and touch other’s lives.

As a young adult, I had a Near Death Experience while in surgery which helped me to become familiar with the ethereal plane. Crossing over changed my life. I gained the ability to communicate even more clearly with angels, ancestors, and ascended masters and also gained a comfort level working on the etheric level to do healing that I had never experienced before.

After graduating from Regis University, Magna Cum Laude I was trained in many energy modalities including Lakota Indian healing techniques, aromatherapy, Tibetan healing, crystals, master-teacher level Reiki, meditation and advanced remote energy methods. I have used my talents as an energy worker to help many people.

I have a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science through the University of Metaphysics. My thesis is titled The Effects of Electronics on the Spirituality of our Culture. If you would like a copy of my thesis, contact me. I am an ordained minister in Metaphysical Ministry through the University of Sedona.